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Opaque Thermal Plastic Jumbo Sheet (150 cm x 100 cm)



Worbla Thermal Plastic is a thermoplastic modelling material, and a must have for any cosplayer looking to make elaborately armored pieces, props, helmets and much more! To use, utilize hot air, water or steam  at a minimum of 90 degrees celcius to shape the thermal plastic into your own custom designs. This material is heat-formable and solvent-free.

Scraps can be 100% re-blended, or molded like putty. Worbla is a material that is famous in the cosplay community, especially among higher level cosplayers who use it to create large prop weapons (giant swords, wands, guns, staffs) and armor pieces/cosplay costumes like Edward Elric's automail arm and leg, and Gundam Wing mobile gundam suits, as well as the armor worn by fighters in videogames. Basically anything you can imagine can be crafted by Worbla. There are no limits! So have fun!

See Worbla.com for more info on this new product!

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