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My Hero Academia Bakugo Katsuki Hoodie



My Hero Academia Bakugo Katsuki Hoodie

This My Hero Academia Bakugo Katsuki Hoodie is perfect for fans of the hit anime: My Hero Academia.

Bakugo Katsuki is a main character in the series and a fellow classmate of Izuku Midoriya. Bakugo is arrogant and immensely aggressive, even villainous in his attitudes. At first glance, Bakugo is merciless, instinct driven and mentally unstable, but a deeper look will show him to be highly intelligent and strategic. This makes him particularly dangerous.

Before their high school career, he and Izuku had a relationship. As a young child, Izuku was the target of his bullying due to his being Quirk-less.

Bakugo Katsuki acts as a foil to Izuku's character. The two both having been inspired by All Might to pursue the dream of becoming the best hero.

Bakugo now attends U.A. High School. He has become less antagonistic and more deeply focused on achieving his goal after his pride was hurt multiple times through losses from his peers. As the series progresses however, he is slowly maturing and steadfastly works towards his dream of being the number one hero.


You too can strive to be the best hero in this sweater!