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League of Legends KDA Akali cosplay shoes / Waterproof Led Shoes /



  • Are you cosplaying K/DA's bad-ass rapper Akali? Then you need these League of Legends KDA Akali Cosplay Shoes / Waterproof Led Shoes to complete the look. These faux leather high-tops come in black with gold accents, and feature light-up soles so you can light up the night. 
The LEDs light up in 8 different colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Violet and Pink.
They are completely waterproof (meaning you can wear them in both wet and dry weather). 
Charge them up for 3-4 hours before wearing.
Check out the sizing chart below for your shoe size, refer to your foot length (in centimeters, to determine which size to buy. If you have wider, or squatter feet, choose 1 size up).