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JOJO's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Dio Brando Cosplay Costume



    If you're cosplaying the infamous Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders then this JOJO's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Dio Brando Cosplay Costume is perfect for you. This costume is crafted to replicate Dio's outfit from the 3rd installment of the JJBA series, and includes everything shown. (Jacket, Pants, Belt, Undershirt, and wrist guards).

  • Please refer to the sizing chart in the image section for your best fit!
  • Size: L M S XL XXL XXXL Tailored

Male size:
S: height 64-66inch,chest 35.5-36.5inch,waist 30.5-31.5inch,hip 35.5-36.5inch
M:height 66-68inch,chest 36.5-37.5inch,waist 32-33inch,hip 37-38inch
L:height 68-70inch,chest 37.5-38.5inch,waist 33-34inch,hip 38-39inch
XL:height 70-72inch,chest 39-40inch,waist 34-35inch,hip 39-40inch
XXL:height 72-74inch,chest 40-41inch,waist 35.5-36.5inch,hip 40.5-41.5inch
XXXL:height 74-76inch,chest 41-42inch,waist 36.5-37.5inch,hip 41.5-42.5inch

Female size:
S:height 62-64inch,chest 32-33inch,waist 25-26inch,hip 35.5-36.5inch
M:height 64-66inch,chest 33.5-34.5inch,waist 26-27inch,hip 36.5-37.5inch
L:height 66-68inch,chest 34.5-35.5inch,waist 27-28inch,hip 37.5-38.5inch
XL:height 68-70inch,chest 35.5-36.5inch,waist 28.5-29.5inch,hip 39-40inch
XXL:height 70-72inch,chest 37-38inch,waist 29.5-30.5inch,hip 40-41inch
XXXL :height 72-74inch,chest 38-39inch,waist 30.5-31.5inch,hip 41-42inch