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Graftobian White Mini Creme Foundation - 1/8oz



Graftobian liquid latex is perfect for skin-tight body covering.  Also used as a fantasy make-up by applying the latex, allowing it to dry, sprinkling it with either powdered glitter or Fantasy Luster Powders and then brushing off the excess.  Successive coats can yield beautiful and durable designs where the limit is the imagination and the canvas is the skin.

Size: 1/8 oz.

Gratobian Mini Creme Foundation is offered in a convenient 1/8 oz. size, the Mini Cremes are available in our most popular colors. Great for those who need just a little bit of certain colors. Coverage: 4-5 full faces.

Graftobian creme foundations are specially formulated to apply easily with excellent coverage, due to their intense pigmentation. These cremes are not heavy or oily, but are smooth, silky and have tremendous opacity and color vibrancy.

Tip: You can set cremes with a face powder powder puff or setting spray, for a matte, touchable and durable finish, just like on Broadway.

Size: 1/8oz

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