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Silicone Sleeveless High Collar Breast Shirt / Breast Plate (Color: Tan) | Silicone Prosthetics (Multiple cup sizes)


Our Silicone Muscle Shirt With Full Arms | Silicone Prosthetics | For Cosplay, Men & Transgender FTM, Drag Kings, and Crossdressers is perfect for adding more bulk to the frame and chest, width to the shoulders, and a cut appearance to the abs, as well as well defined and muscled arms whether it be for cosplay, costuming, casual wear or drag. Worn under clothing, this shirt is perfect for adding more bulk to the frame.

This silicone shirt is made with medical-grade silicone, with non-toxic materials. It is molded to replicate the most realistic look of an athletic and ripped male figure, and is medium-soft to the touch for the most lifelike feel. 

This particular model is a high collar silicone muscle shirt. The shirt is available in 4 colors, Ivory, Beige, and Tan. Ivory works well for light and pale skin, beige is suitable for lighter skin with golden undertones, and Tan is perfect for olive and deeply tanned skin tones. If you require a different color than those listed please let us know, we may be able to develop a custom one for you.

Please consult our sizing chart in the image section for exact measurements.

2 sizes are available: S and L check the sizing chart in the image section for your best fit.