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Imitation Skin Silicone Molded Thigh / Calve Sleeves


These  Imitation Skin Silicone Molded Thigh / Calve Sleeves are perfect for those who want an easy, highly realistic way to add more width and definition to the legs (thighs or calves). Each sleeve is 3cm thick around, to reshapes the area to and create an athletic or voluptuous appearance, with the added bonus of actually feeling like real skin.

Product Specs:

Ideal / Recommended Length: 40cm - 55cm

Sleeve Length: 40cm

Thickness: 3cm

Product weight: 1300g


Suitable for casual wear, and cosplay.

Package Contains: 2 Silcone Sleeves

Easy to clean, simply gently rinse in water (no harsh chemicals), and wipe down with a soft cloth--alternatively, it can be air dried.

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