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100 cm Long Light Blue Cosplay Wig



80cm long brown cosplay wig.


This 100 cm long light blue cosplay wig is perfect for those who are cosplaying a character with long blue hair. This wig is also suitable as a fashion wig for casual wear. It is heat resistant and can be styled a multitude of ways.

This wig is suitable for characters such as Aquarius from Fairy Tail, Asuna (Elfheim version) from Sword Art Online,  Nymph from Heaven's Lost Property, Yamraiha from Labyrinth of Magic, Princess Vivi from One Piece, Erio Touwa from Ground Control To Psychoelectric Girl, Botan from YuYu Hakusho, Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill etc.


Wig Material: Heat Resistant Fiber

Category: Cosplay Wigs

Wig Type: Long

Wig Length: 100 cm

Color: blue

Features: This wig is an Anime wig. You can wear it to do cosplay. Also you can wear it as fashion wig.