My Hero Academia Anime Mystery Box


━━☆⌒*☆This My Hero Academia Anime Mystery Box! Anime Mystery Box is filled with all the best, high quality merch a fan could ask for! Merch is very limited!!

━━☆⌒*☆ Items that can come in the box can include:


- Dakimakura

- Custom plushes

-Mini figurines

- Buttons

- Keychains

- Posters or Post Cards
- Phone Charms
- and other small extras like photocards, candies, etc.

Wishing you a beautiful and lovely day!


Please leave a review if you enjoyed your box, and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns so we can try our best to help.

**Please fill out and send the form first, then place your order. We will match your email with your order number on our end to do our best to make sure you receive your preferences.


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Type: Gift Box