Anime Cooking Plus Ultra - My Hero Academia Cookbook


Anime Cooking Plus Ultra - My Hero Academia Cookbook

Quick and easy meals have just gotten a whole lot more exciting for all you  My Hero Academia fans out there! Imagine being able to taste the foods loved by your favorite My Hero Academia characters!

What if you could whip up a fluffy milk bread that Ibara Shiozaki or Vine would love; sear a steak that would make Death Row Inmate Moonfish salivate; if you could dig into an exotic squid ink pasta relished by Mezo Shoji or Tentacle Hero: Tentacole; if you could indulge in sinfully sweet salted caramel chocolate chip cookies that would make Hagakura Tooru a.k.a Invisible Girl weak at the knees!

Guess what - you can! Thanks to Kohei Horikoshi, we have been able to join Izuku Midoriya and his friends on many adventures in UA High, in an exciting world where superpowers have become commonplace. There is much to love about this exceptional manga comic, and you now have the opportunity to join your favorite characters - heroes and villains alike - on a foodie adventure of your own. This cookbook promises to take you on a journey of discovery through the foods of the show's most popular characters, through little tidbits of food history and simple recipes. It is a cookbook that makes it possible for you to bring a little bit of your favorite manga to life in your very own kitchen!

Anime Cooking: Plus Ultra! is a must for every foodie fan, no matter the level of your cooking skills. You are sure to find recipes you love, whether you're a chef who is mastering cooking lessons, or even a beginner at switching on the hob! This cookbook is for the ultimate fans, helping you learn more about the characters you love. This collection of delicious recipes each relate in some way to the star characters in the hit anime series. This MHA-inspired cookbook is your ticket to staying immersed in one of the greatest manga comics in history! The MHA characters may have superpowers that you could only dream of, but they also have the same struggles as a regular high school kid, and of course - the same love for food! So flip the pages and steer yourself to sink your teeth into a juicy pork cutlet with a bowl of katsudon just the way Izuku Midoriya likes it, or enjoy a bowl of Mirio Togata's heart-warming ramen! Katsuki Bakugo loves himself a fiery dinner, so set your palette on fire with him!

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