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Silicone Sleeveless Breast Shirt / Breast Plate (Color: Ivory) | Silicone Prosthetics (Multiple cup sizes)


AwakenedYou Silicone Sleeveless Breast Shirt / Breast Plate (Color: Ivory) 

Silicone Sleeveless Breast Shirt / Breast Plate (Color: Ivory) Silicone Prosthetics is perfect for Cosplay, Transgender MTF, and Drag Queens to create a voluptuous and feminine silhouette.

All of our prostheses are made of LSR Silicone, medical-grade silicone that is non-toxic, highly biocompatible, and can safely be in contact with human skin. Our silicone is highly elastic and can be stretched up to 300% without breaking. The texture is extremely soft, highly realistic, and very durable, ensuring long-term stability and chemical and tear resistance. 

With high-grade silicone gel filling, these breasts bounce and sway with the body very naturally for the most realistic look and feel. They are molded in an attractive teardrop shape. This prosthetic breast shirt is suitable for Drag queens, cosplay, transgender mtf, cross-dressing, and just about any other necessity.

This particular model is a low collar o-neck silicone breast shirt. The color profile for this shirt is ivory, suitable for pale to lighter skin tones with a pinkish undertone. Please consult our sizing chart in the image section for exact measurements.