My Hero Academia Season 3 Just Dropped...And It's the Perfect Time To Start Watching!

Apr 13 2018 0 Comments

My Hero Academia Season 3 Just Dropped...And It's the Perfect Time To Start Watching!


Unless you have been in hiding somewhere, if you can call yourself an anime fan any at all, you'll have at least heard about the smash hit series My Hero Academia. The season 3 premier just aired over the weekend, and fans were ecstatic! But we have great news for the would-be-fans out there...

If you’ve been missing out on the excitement, not to worry! The first episode of this season, titled “Game Start”, features flash backs and a summary of the first two seasons, making it the perfect entry points for those too daunted to play catch-up.

For the current die-hard fans however, this premier left something to be desired in terms of the progression of the story--but we can't complain too much given that the series is giving us new seasons so promptly. Fillers are to be expected.


Season 3's premier sees the super hero undergraduates on their summer break--but not slowing down on their training. Of course, every class has their slackers. In this case, Mineta and Denki are up to their old pervy antics. But, what starts as a plan to peek on their fellow female students at the school swimming pool, quickly turns to fierce competition and hilarity when the entire class shows up.

This episode serves to fill in anyone who missed the previous seasons on the development of the protagonist Midoriya Izuku as well as main cast thus far, whilst refreshing the memories of those of us jumping back into it after My Hero Academia's hiatus.


The most pertinent story points thus far are outlined throughout the episode, from how the quirkless Midoriya attained his abilities, to the allies, rivals and bitter enemies he's made during his short career at U.A academy.
All in all, the season opener is a nice way to ease prior fans and new fans alike back into the series. Let's just hope the next episode hits a lot harder--we're ready for it!
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