Free! Season 3 Thoughts & Episode 3 Review!

Aug 02 2018 0 Comments

Free! Season 3 Thoughts & Episode 3 Review!

Have you guys been watching the latest season of free!?

Thus far the season has been off to a decent start.



Last week’s episode was divided between Sydney and Japan allowing viewers to see and enjoy what is also happening in Australia and giving them a break from the drama in Japan.

The previous episode was filled with lots of reconnections. With Haru and crew trying to figure out how to reconnect with Ikuya and Rin meeting up with Natsuya.

There was also an important aspect of the last episode that I loved, the idea that swimming with someone is a bonding experience.

Therefore, when Rin has been saying he wants to swim with Haru on the Global stage while talking with Natsuya, but later says that he also wants to swim with Sousuke again too, it led Natsuya to accuse Rin of being the ‘adulterous type’ because he wanted to swim with so many people.

I have not seen this week’s episode yet, but I cannot wait to see it!

What are you guys’ thoughts?


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